We are an information Technology Company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services.

Our aim is for every graduate in America should have access to a well-paying IT job no matter their IT experience.

Hire It America provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive end-to-end Business Requirements and Solutions to our Customers, and forms an integral link in the global supply chain. From single-office businesses to large multinational companies worldwide, our clients are able to improve their visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by adopting our Cloud based technologies.

Hire It America provides professional CRM Services, software quality management, product development, defect resolution, patching, and release control, managed by senior skilled technical staff, and are virtually transparent to the end users.

The accumulation of our collective experience, shared values, and individual skills has allowed our business to deliver industry leading solutions that exceed expectations.

We are a mature, profitable, rapidly expanding business focused on great products, the intellectual property that drives them, the brands they create, and the markets and customers they serve.